Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer in a Nutshell

Hey Guys-  I am sorry for the Summer Slack, but hey that is what Summer is all about! Right? I also have been working super hard on this epic wedding that is going to take place this Fall, so more slackness in the Blog word to come.  Sorry.  Here are some pictures to fill in the thousand words. Best, Nan

Of course, he WON!                                          

                                Up close and personal in Jackson Hole.                                          

                          Up in the Air with the Greatest of EASE!                                           

    Out of our back door in Maine.  How do I love thee?
        Let  me count the ways!

                                   My new OLD favorite in NYC.  The Oyster Bar.

NYC in the rain!

The End...

Thursday, June 30, 2011


I have fond memories of  rolling the change of Dr. Reynold's.  He had a BIG jug in his closet and if Martha and I rolled it, we got to keep it.  Jackpot. Literally.  Yesterday, I had a Genius Moment... My youngest is somewhat obsessed with opening a savings account and is always doing something for a dollar here and a dollar there.  My oldest can't save to SAVE his life!  So, I told them if they would ROLL, they could keep half.  They have to use it to open a Savings Account too.  Math skills are being refreshed, brothers are working together, and all of those Mason jars full of change are dwindling.  Oh yeah, and I get HALF. Genius.

Monday, June 27, 2011

In a word or two...

Summer Light in Kitchen...

P.S. First one to leave a comment on the blog, as to what plant this is;  I will send you a little Firefly treat, anywhere in the U.S.A.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

In a word or two...

Omelette Sunday, ikat plates at Firefly
In a word or two, because that is all I have time to do... HAPPY SUMMER TO YOU!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I think I am getting delirious, as I am singing in my Bob Marley voice, "NO JAVA, NO CRY! NO, NO JAVA NO CRY!" I am on day three of working on the inside out, vs. outside in.   Go over to my sister's site, to read Part TWO of my Interview.  Apparently, I am long winded.  Apparently, it is going to be a TRILOGY.  Sorry, I was drinking alot of coffee that week.  Anyway, I do love to juice, so that hasn't been so bad.  The first day, I put it in a favorite R.WOOD mug to make me feel better, but now I am onto the big GULP!  Do you juice?  What are your favorite combinations?  Have a great day, Nan

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mirrors don't lie!

Unfortunately, mirrors don't lie! Ain't that the truth, especially those magnified kind!  Unfortunately, I  kind of have a fascination with those magnified mirrors, every time I am in those nice hotels!  I am always utterly and completely taken aback. I literally say OUT LOUD and NOT SO PROUD, "BLOODY HELL I look like SHIT!", or "HOLY BATMAN how long has that whisker been there?  I could almost floss with that mother!@*#*! "  I  get seriously RILED up looking in that mirror.  It makes me MAD just thinking about it. I always swear that I am going to buy one immediately, upon returning home, but I never do, (AMEN for some self-love and self-preservation). An average mirror can be horrifying enough, so I will just have to continue to be AGHAST when I return to those fancy hotel rooms... SO, back to the mirror above... If you have not read my sister's blog, Durango Mom, then sadly, you have been missing out, on some serious entertainment.  However, today is the DAY that can all change.   It probably will not be as entertaining, as some of her posts, because it is an interview with her biggest fan, ME.  However, we are cut from the same cloth, so hopefully, it will be amusing.  I do encourage you to read for awhile though, because I know you will return often, if you do. Thanks SISTER for including me.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

They say it's your birthday...

TODAY you are YOU, that is truer than true.  There is no one alive who is YOUer than YOU! Happy Birthday Sweet, old SISTAH!   Every time I hear this song, I turn it UP and do some seriously bad dancing and mortify my children, which they secretly love!  I also think of my SISTAH Ivey.  She loves this song too. Have you read her blog?  You should. Here.  She is a great sister, albeit, she lives too far away sister... I have learned some good pearls of wisdom from her like, "Never let a boy come between you and a friend."We have a five year age gap between us, so growing up, we were more parallel, and I was probably more annoying, than anything else.  She played at me, more than with me.  For example, I remember vividly knocking on her locked door, as she had two friends over(Polly and Laura).  I knocked. I pleaded, annoyingly, I'm sure.  I knocked. I laid on the floor looking under her door.  I knocked. I begged. I knocked.  Get the picture- Annoying!  Anyway, she eventually opened the door, with a very pleasant demeanor...I should have ran away.  Sucker.  "Come on in," said the wolf in the sheep's clothing.  We are going to make you look like a grown up WOMAN!"  "Excellent, " I thought... Well, what does that entail you ask?  Well, it required scissors, nudity, and good ol' scotch tape.  The scissors were used to cut some of my hair (I'm a red head, they were not and yes, that is important to this story).  So, they cut some of my hair, and that was not the first time she has cut my hair, and proceeded to scotch tape it to my tu-tu, my eight year old tu-tu. Then they got my mom's bra, pointy bra, and stuffed it with toilet paper and declared that I was NOW a WOMAN! I think I danced around, kinda of like Lady Marmalade. Then, I bolted, out the door, to go show Mom and Dad my NEW and INSTANT Womanhood.  I remember my folks laughing and Ivey and her posse not really getting in TOO much trouble... Anyway, it was one of many character building experiences for me, which might have been her intention! Yeah, Right.  Anyway, I am a better human because of her and I am honored to be her SOUL SISTAH!  Live large and in charge IVEY! I think I got that saying from you too. I love you. XOXO, Nan